For the few who do not know, Justin Bieber, is a Canadian singer.  I cannot name any of his songs, but he makes MILLIONS of dollars performing.


This week I saw Ken Fraizer, being interviewed by Maria Bartiromo, the host of Business – Mornings with Maria.  I watch her show most mornings to better understand the global stock-markets.

So how many of you recognized the name Ken Fraizer, Chairman of the Board and CEO Merck & Company?  Merck, a pharmaceutical powerhouse, has a valuation of $238 Billion, and employees 69,000 employees in 191 countries.  Merck’s CEO is one of the few African Americans CEO’s of a Fortune 500 company.    {Disclosure- I own Merck stock.}



Kenneth Frazier was born and raised in North Philadelphia. His father, Otis, was a janitor.  Ken received his BA from Penn State.  To make extra money in college, he raised tadpoles and newts and sold them to local stores.  (Never would have guessed in Philadelphia this would be profitable!} After graduating Penn State, he was accepted at Harvard Law School.  We will forgive him for being a lawyer.  FYI – I googled lawyer jokes and found over 20 million hits.  I was surprised there were NOT a LOT MORE!

Mr. Fraizer is one of my many role models.  I take my role models in any color or sex.  Today, I deliberately selected an African American role model, because too many young black and brown males are putting all their hopes (HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY) on becoming a professional athlete or entertainer.  I get it – “The Rock” made $70 million last year for acting.

Anyone with a smart phone can learn about Ken Frazier’s and other successful people’s journey.  Having someone like Ken Fraizer as a role model will build a life far more lucrative than hoping and praying you become the next Michael Jordan.  {My good friend Jake declares Michael is the greatest basketball player of all time. Jake is young so I am trying to help him!}


High school athletes have about a 0.08 percent chance of making it professionally.  What happens to the 99.92 percent that fail to make it?  It is typically not a pretty picture.  The colleges get what they want (TV time and MONEY) and the kids tend to finish without a degree or good job prospects.  BUT when you ask young minority males about their role models, they talk about Lebron and many more I am clueless who they are. 


Let’s discuss alternative, and  better role models, for young people of any sex and race.  Role models that people with intelligence, hard work, focus and discipline can aspire to follow.  Such as: Ken Frazier; Ben Carson; {Former neurosurgeon serving as the 17th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development since 2017}; Barack Obama; Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and MANY more.


We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 20, 2020.  A man who gave his life to give me and millions more opportunity.  God bless his family for their sacrifice and loss.

“History is full of inspiring examples of black people succeeding against the odds, including building their own schools, hotels, railroads and banking systems when doors were closed to them. According to the economist Thomas Sowell, “the poverty rate among blacks fell from 87 percent in 1940 to 47 percent by 1960.”   These accomplishments were made possible by a set of values cherished among the blacks of the time: self-determination, resiliency, personal virtue, honesty, honor and accountability.

Dr King is far more than a holiday where some get a day off!

“Dr. King understood that the above values would be the bedrock for black success once true equality was won. As early as 1953, he warned that “one of the most common tendencies of human nature is that of placing responsibility on some external agency for sins we have committed or mistakes we have made.”

“One day the South will know that when these disinherited children of God sat down at lunch counters, they were in reality standing up for what is best in the American dream and for the most sacred values in our Judaeo- Christian heritage, thereby bringing our nation back to those great wells of democracy which were dug deep by the founding fathers in their formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

“We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation,” he wrote, “because the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be, our destiny is tied up with America’s destiny.”

The Wall Street Journal – The Left Forgets What Martin Luther King Stood For


This week I attended a funeral where the Priest said something so simple but enlightening to me.

“People walk by and see a tombstone and if they do not know the person, they simple can read the dates of birth and death.  Two days, that is all they know.  But the details of that life are in the thousands of days between those two days.”

It is up to you, to make those days count, NOT by simply hoping, but by hard work, self-determination, resiliency, personal virtue, honesty, honor and accountability.

Every day you commit to learning, growing and developing yourself adds value to who you are and what you have to offer. As you increase your value, you will gain  rewards and compensation of knowledge, skills and income. Becoming a lifelong learner is a must if you want to achieve and maintain success in our ever-changing global world.  NEVER STOP LEARNING!

To become a successful lifelong learner, make a commitment to expand your horizons by making room for new topics of inspiration in your life. Read empowering books and find and study inspiring people to learn from.  Ken Fraizer inspires me. Lebron and “The Rock” entertain me. Both have a place.

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