Have you heard of the “Rule of 72”?  This simple rule helps your HARD-EARNED MONEY grow!  The “Rule of 72” approximates how many years it will take for your money to double, given a fixed rate of return.  The formula: {72 / interest rate = Number years to double}. How long do you believe it will take to double your money if placed in a typical U. S. savings account?   ...

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Bill Gates Says This Is the Most Important Thing He’s Learned from Warren Buffett. (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do with Money)

Two billionaires linked by one common denominator.

“Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and investing legend Warren Buffett don't initially seem like they would be a great fit for one another, and Gates thought so himself. When his mom wanted him to meet the Oracle of Omaha almost three decades ago, he initially balked, saying "He just buys and sells pieces of paper... I don't think we'd have much in common." Luckily for Gates, moms frequently get their way, and he ...

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